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Pork Ball Recipe in Myanmar Style

If you like the small of Masala, then I am pretty sure you will enjoy this pork ball recipe. A simple, last-minut pork recipe with a wonderful taste.  So here I am writing my pork recipe on the subject of Pork …

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Myanmar Sour Leaves and Bamboo Shoot Recipe

Myanmar Sour Leaves and Bamboo Shoot Recipe is very well known as "Chin Paung Kyaw" in Myanmar. This is very popular, great recipe and everyone love it. Ingredients:


Sweet and Sour Pork

Chinese sweet and sour pork,stir-fried with pineapple, bell peppers, onion, tomato and vinegar. Sweet and sour pork is one of the popular in Chinese recipes.


Fried Meatballs

This is a Chinese style meatball recipe with ground pork and fish paste which makes meatball more delicious. Discover how to make Deep Fried Meatballs using our easy to


Pork Ribs with Chickpea Masala

There are few foods chickpea curry and pork ribs with chickpea is one of the best curry in Myanmar. Chickpeas are a great source of protein as well


Pork With Chinese Cabbage Pickle

Fried Pork with Chinese caggage pickle. Chinese Cabbage Pickle Recipe, using Chinese or Nappa cabbage, is the most common type of Shan pickle.


Spicy Pork Curry Recipes

Quick and Easy Spicy Pork Curry Recipes! A popular spicy pork curry is very tasty that is made with pork, chilli, garlic and onion.


Pork with Dried Mango

Delicious Pork with Dried Mango, Myanmar Recipe. This pork dish is hearty, delicious and easy to do.


Ground Pork Salad(Thai Style)

Quick and Easy Thai Ground Pork Salad Recipes is dominated by leafy greens. A deliciously fresh-tasting ground pork salad is call "Larp Muu" in Thai.

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