Hot & Sour Curry with Shrimps and Acacia Omelette


Another style of hot and sour curry with shrimp and acacia omelet called “Kang Som Cha-Om Khai” in Thai. This is hot and sour with shrimp and omelet recipe.

The sourness comes from the tamarind and lime juice. “cha-om kai”, is called acacia which is fried with eggs to make a type of omelette.

Ingredients: Medium shrimp 8-10 (cleaned and peeled), 200 gram fish fillet, 4 teaspoon hot and sour curry paste, 3 teaspoon of fish sauce, 4 teaspoon of tamarind juice, 1 teaspoon of sugar, 1 bunch of acacia leaf, 3 eggs to make acacia omelette, lemon juice (if necessary)

How to make Acacia Omellet: Clean acacia (cha-om) and take out the young leaves and cut into 1 inch. Strike the eggs and add the beaten eggs in the bowl. Then add the cha-om leaves and stir until all mix well. Heat oil in a work on medium heat. Add the beaten egg and fry until well cooked and golden and then remove and drain. Cut into a small square.

Method: Cook the fish fillet in boiling water and then remove the bone. Ground the fish softly and then in a mortar with hot and sour curry paste until mixed very well. In a pot, heat water until boiling and then add the mixed fish and sour curry paste. Add the sugar, tamarind juice and season with fish sauce until as desired taste. Add the shrimps and follow by omelet. Wait until boiling and add lemon juice if necessary.

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