Spicy & Sour Beef Potato Recipe


Find Quick & Easy to make Sour and spicy ground beef potato recipe. This dish is almost so simple beef recipe and dominated by Masala powder.

Ingredients: Ground beef 200 gram, 3 potatoes, 1 teaspoon salt, 2 teaspoon vinegar 2 teaspoon fish sauce, 2 teaspoons oil, 1 teaspoon ground Masala powder, 4 fresh chilies

Spice Paste: 10 cloves garlic, 10 dried chilies (soaked in warm water and seed removed) or 2 teaspoon ground chili powder.


Peel and clean potatoes and cut into half inches cube. Season ground beef with salt, fish sauce and vinegar for 15 minutes. Clean and cut onion into small square block. Well pound all Spice Paste. Heat up a pot on medium heat and add the oil. When oil is hot, add blend paste. Continue to stir-fry until aromatic.  Follow by potatoes and ground and stir-fry again until 10 minutes. Follow by water and bring it to boil until cooked.  Clean and add the fresh chili with onion into the port. Followed by Masala powder and then cook for a few minutes with low heat.

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