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Running & Calories Burned

Collections of the number of calories burned for the time you specified will be calculated for running. You can improve your health, lifestyle and diet nutrition with running.

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Many Calories Can Burn While Doing Everyday Chores

You will be surprised to know how many calories you burn while doing your daily chores. Here is the top 5 chores that burn calories while doing everyday


Walking & Calories Burned

Cardio walking is one of the greatest exercise for weight loss and fitness. Calories burned walking result will depend on your weight and the speed at which you


How to Burn 400 Calories in One Day

You can burn extra 400 calories per day by changing a few simple activities to your day. Burning 400 calories a day would be equal to an approximate


Calories Burned Standing Vs Sitting

How many calories does sitting vs standing burn? Many people aware that calories are burned during sitting or standing. Calories is a unit of energy that found in


Estimate Your Walking Speed

Do you want to know how fast your walk? Here's a quick way to estimate your walking speed. With these simple steps, you can know your average walking speed.


Need to lose 10 pound in a month

Everyone wants to be a head-turner and some people especially in women will go to extraordinary lengths to achieve this. According to lose 10 pounds in a months,


Way to Lose 15 Pounds in 45 Days

Human body contain 30 to 40 million fat cells and any extra calories we eat are stored as fat. The basic way to lose 15 pounds and maintain


Burning an extra 100 calories a day easily

The extra weight put undue stress on your back, legs, joints, circulation and internal organ.  It increases the body’s susceptibility to infection, the risk of heart disease, high


Healthy Weight Loss Program

Find out healthy weight loss diet program. Discover the best way to lose weight tips and smart eating strategies to motivate you to lose weight.

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