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Many Calories Can Burn While Doing Everyday Chores

You will be surprised to know how many calories you burn while doing your daily chores. Here is the top 5 chores that burn calories while doing everyday chores. 

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Calories Burned Standing Vs Sitting

How many calories does sitting vs standing burn? Many people aware that calories are burned during sitting or standing. Calories is a unit of energy that found in


Estimate Your Walking Speed

Do you want to know how fast your walk? Here's a quick way to estimate your walking speed. With these simple steps, you can know your average walking speed.


Ways To Improve Your Health And Happiness In New Year

Find out free healthy living articles on such topics as eating healthy, nutrition and making smart choices of mind and well-being. In order to improve your health –


How to Eat Right for Life

Learn how to develop a plan by eating the right variety of food choices. Some people eat healthily, exercise and really take care of themselves but some are


Speed Walking

Speed walking exercise provides the same great cardiovascular workout like running exercise. Speed walking seems to be the one of the most popular form of weight lost cardio.



What is a Calories? Food energy is expressed in food calories. Whether you are consuming carbohydrates, fats or proteins, all of them contain calories. Most of people do not


Healthy Weight Loss Program

Find out healthy weight loss diet program. Discover the best way to lose weight tips and smart eating strategies to motivate you to lose weight.

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