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Myanmar Rice Salad (Pyay Style)

Find the best Myanmar rice salad recipe ; it is one of the Myanmar’s most delicious dish. Ingredients are very simple as 1 cup of rice, fish sauce, garlic oil, chili oil, pea powder and dried shrimp powder.

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Coconut Chicken Noodle

အုန္ႏို႔ေခါက္ဆြဲ Myanmar Coconut Chicken Noodle Recipes, one of the local traditional cuisine. Ingredients: Noodle, coconut, chicken, onion, garlic, chilli paste, suger, egg, ..


Bean Vermicelli with Chicken Soup

ၾကာဇံခ်က္ Easy Bean Vermicelli (Mung bean vermicelli) recipe soup with chicken called "Kyar Zan Chat" in Myanmar.Enjoy the easy "Bean Vermicelli"  or "Glass Noodles" with Chicken Soup" recipes.


Clear Fish noodle soup (Rakhine style)

ရခိုင္မုန္႔တီ This is kind of super spicy fish soup with rice noodle. Served with chilli, fish cake slices and tamarind juice.


Myanmar Tofu Salad

Myanmar Tofu Salad - Tasty tofu recipe & simple tofu salad. Myanmar tofu is made by coagulating bean powder. Tofu salad is loved by all Myanmar people and


Shwe Taung Noodles

Shwe Taung Noodle is one of the many noodles dishes popular in Myanmar. It is yellow noodles served with chicken, coconut milk cream, onion and fried noodles and


Chinese Cabbage Pickle Recipe (Napa Cabbage Pickle Recipe)

This is a great and healthy dish that is found all over Myanmar. Chinese Cabbage Pickle Recipe, using Chinese or Nappa cabbage, is the most common type of Shan


Fish Soup Rice Noodles

Mohingar is Myanmar style noodles made from rice flour. Spicy and tasty rice noodles with fish soup is very popular in Myanmar. It is tasty, light and extremely healthy


Shwe Taung Rice Noodle With Fish Soup

Shwe Taung Traditional Rice Noodle (Shwe Taung Mohinga) is very simple, delicious and special way of making Mohinga. Serve with fried onion, chilli and fish soup. This fish noodle


Traditional Rice Tomato (Shan Style)

Shan Traditional Rice Balls are called Shan Hta Min or Fish Hta Min in Myanmar. Rice Balls are usually shaped into rounds by hands. This recipe is very simple,

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